“In Brazil” pre-release tour with Caio Andreatta

I’m excited to announce this special tour with Caio Andreatta.

Caio and I first met in São Paulo, Brazil where we became really good friends and decided to embark on a new project together. Our debut album, In Brazil, features a meeting of musical minds and upbringings from almost 7,000 miles apart. The bulk of the record was recorded in Brazil but also features very special American guests such as Saeeda Wright and Max Ribner. Caio traveled all the way from his motherland for a month long special pre-release tour of this new album. In Brazil will be officially released in São Paulo in 2015. Only 500 special edition pre-release CDs will be printed and available at these shows until the official release date. With that said, I don’t want you to miss this special occasion to get one of these CDs, so we hope to see you all in one of these shows.

We are also very honored to have Chris Lay touring with us on percussion!

Meet Caio Andreatta: 

São Paulo based musician Caio Andreatta was brought up by a very musical family. His father being an accomplished drummer gave Caio a custom made drum kit on his first birthday. From then on, he was unstoppable. Andreatta like me has dedicated his life to music.  When he was only 13 years old he put together his first band. His current group Capela, a sensation in Brazil, is known for their poetic lyrics and well-arranged songs. Andreatta and his band perform all over Brazil and were invited to play at the Brazilian Day in San Diego, CA, an over 60 thousand person event.

When in Brazil… 

When I was in Brazil  I played with Caio’s band Capela, here is a video if you want to check out:
Capela and Tim Snider – “With You”

This song “With You” is featured in our new album “In Brazil.”

Tour dates:


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One of the songs in our new album was recorded on the stairs as you can see in this photo, the song is called “The Stairwell” (very creative name :P)

Chris Lay’s floating bass drum hybrid percussion kit

Chris spent some time renaming and reworking his kit to complement the Brazilian flavor of Tim & Caio’s new album.

The trio

We are going to spend a LOT of time together these upcoming weeks! Cheers to being around great and talented people!

Rehearsing for the Portland show

We spent 8 hours rehearsing for our first show of the tour at Vie de Boheme! Loads of talented special guests meeting there tonight, such as Saeeda Wright (in the photo), Max Ribner, Tim Ribner, and of course, Chris Lay on percussion!

Jet lagged Caio

After 26 hours of flying and a couple hours of sleep Caio rehearsed with me and the band for 8 hours straight!