Tim and Chitty Tour!!!

After touring the world nonstop with Nahko and Medicine for the People, Tim and Justin are taking advantage of a break in the bands schedule to do a tour of there own. Justin (AKA Chitty Bang) not only plays drums in the band but has a voice that will melt you down and songs that will lift up. Tim not only plays violin but loops guitar, percussion, and vocals into a sound that has been described as a “world-folk hybrid, aimed at the heart the head and the feet” Their individual styles of R&B, World-folk and Conscience Rock will leave you dancing with a new sense of purpose. Don’t miss this special and rare opportunity to see a different side of these two men behind the medicine.unknown-5

  • Rachel Mk Torrey

    Fuckin love you Tim and Chitty I hope y’all are comin to SO CAL I have t even looked yet I’m too excited
    PLEASE GOD!!!!!

  • Willandsusan Revak

    Kauai welcomes you both with open arms!